| The Beginnings of AIDSbeat

In the 1990s the HIV and AIDS epidemic was at its height in Toronto. No treatment was available to fight the disease. For many, a diagnosis equaled certain death. A group of lawyers, tired of watching the epidemic devastate their community, decided to fight back.

AIDSbeat was created 20 years ago to raise money in support of CANFAR’s mission to fund HIV and AIDS research for treatment and prevention of the disease.

That research has had a huge impact. People can now access life-saving treatment. However, HIV still impacts the lives of tens of thousands of people in Canada. In Toronto alone, an estimated 1 in 120 individuals is living with HIV.

AIDSbeat continues to support CANFAR as Canada’s only independent charitable foundation dedicated to eliminating HIV and AIDS through research. By funding promising Canadian AIDS research and spreading awareness through education campaigns, CANFAR is working to end AIDS globally. Since 1987, CANFAR has awarded more than $20-million to HIV and AIDS research projects.